Reliv International Mobile App
by SolutionSmith LLC - Privacy Policy

Effective Date: April 1st, 2018


SolutionSmith LLC is committed to protecting your data and privacy. We built the Reliv app to help you manage and grow your business like never before. The Reliv International Mobile App provides you a wealth of information about your business. Normal usage of the Reliv Mobile App will require you to provide personal information. Please read below for further information on how we use, process, and store your personal information.

What information does the Reliv App collect and receive?

The Reliv app can collect the following personal information from your device.

  • Entries from your device's address book.
  • Names and contacts you manually enter to share information with.
  • Photos from your device's image gallery that you choose to use as your profile picture.
  • Images taken from your device's camera that you choose to use as your profile picture.

What does the Reliv app do with my information?

  • The Reliv app allows you to share videos, and websites with your contacts. We collect your contact's information and store that information on our servers. We will share the information with your contact on your behalf using your personal email or phone number in the case of a text message. The Reliv app will notify you when your contact views the shared information. We collect the information about when that user viewed the shared information, and report that back to you for marketing purposes.
  • The Reliv app allows you to upload a photo from your device's image gallery or take a picture with your device's camera. This profile picture will be stored on our server and used in the app. Other users of the app will see your profile picture.

How does the Reliv App share my information with other companies?

SolutionSmith LLC provides the app to customers of Reliv International Inc. SolutionSmith LLC may share data collected with Reliv International Inc. Except for sharing media via the app, as described above, SolutionSmith LLC will not share any data collected, with any other 3rd party.

Where does the Reliv App store my information?

When you use the Reliv app, some of the data you see and input, will be stored locally on the device. Many times this data will be synced to our servers located in the United States.

How can I contact SolutionSmith LLC?

If you have questions or comments about this Privacy Policy, please contact us at

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